Our Story

It has now been five years since we began our journey as colony managers for a feral cat community which was growing in our area. I never imagined I would be part of caring for so many fur babies at one time…

Well, here we are many moons later and life is good. Yes, there are times when we wonder how are we going to continue caring for so many cats with our current income? You may be thinking, how hard could it be to feed a colony of cats? Allow me to elaborate on the expenses associated with caring for them.

Before I continue, thank you for reading this far. I understand your time is valuable and it truly is heart warming when others are interested in why we started Fur Baby Joy.

Let’s begin with the number of cats in our colony. When we stared in June of 2017 after moving to our home, there were seventeen cats total, most of which were under 1 year old. We later found that this was the result of abandonment by others who had moved from the area. Truly upsetting to say the least.

We knew we were put here for a reason and had to take action. Food was obviously the first step, so off to the pet store we went. Our initial purchase was just over $250 which we thought would last at least one month… This was not the case. While we were only feeding them twice a day, the food was disappearing quickly. Another $200 would make it until the end of the first month.

Do the math… June of 2017 until now, July of 2022! That’s 61 months… Roughly $450 per month, that is a whopping $27,450 in cat food. Yup, that’s how we feel when we look at our finances.

Now, let’s add the veterinarian care. First step, all cats must be trapped, spayed, or neutered to prevent this colony from growing. We were blessed to have a friend whom works at a veterinarian clinic and provided us with a discounted rate for all these procedures. While this was great, it was still a hit on our bottom line.

Unfortunately, the veterinarian care does not stop there. There are times when one of the cats have been involved in a fight with other cats or wildlife in the area and required medical attention. You guessed it, very expensive! This is only a drop in the bucket when it comes to visiting the veterinarian.

We truly do our best to keep them from getting hurt but it’s not easy. The majority of the cats prefer that we do not touch them, and roam freely day and night.

Our Habitat…

We attempted to create a system that would keep them in our large backyard, however it proved ineffective. And you guessed it, this system was not free.

I could probably go on and on but I think I will stop here. Maybe I will write a book on the life of an abandoned pet.

Our story is based on the care for homeless cats but please know we care about all animals and will do whatever we can to help.

One last thing before I go. We have been blessed with help from a few organization’s whom have helped us with food and placement of other homeless pets, which we were asked to help with by other people in our area. We took that help and passed the blessing on to others whom care for homeless pets by providing them with food and outdoor shelters.

That is the simple version of our story, the reason behind Fur Baby Joy.
Any purchases made here will help us, and help others care for homeless animals. 🙏🏼